Walkers are Welcome is a U.K. wide, community led network of accredited towns whose purpose is to develop and promote walking in areas with something different to offer. Broseley is a member of this network and accreditation was achieved in May 2019.

Broseley is a unique walking location; It has strong links with the early industrial revolution, it is surrounded by beautiful woods, dingles and countryside, and it’d footpaths take walkers to inspiring views across hills, valleys and the Severn Gorge. Broseley has a rich network of footpaths and bridleways in all directions from the town centre; It has the advantage of close proximity to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Ironbridge with wooded slopes and footpaths on either side of the Severn Gorge.

It’s industrial heritage combined with the beautiful natural landscapes make for a winning combination; we are proud to invite visitors to ‘Walk the Industrial Revolution’.

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