Short Walks

Fiery Fields

A family walk over the mysteriously named Fiery Fields before returning along a tramway path (now a bridleway) past the town’s old Methodist Chapel.  A delightful walk including features of historical interest.
1.5 miles, mostly footpaths with a short stretch of country lane and some pavement. Some short slopes and uneven ground; may be muddy after rain and not suitable for pushchairs.

The Jitties

A ramble through the maze of narrow paths around Broseley Wood. This walk will take you through a delightfully haphazard maze of cottages. These were originally built by  squatter families who worked in the foundries and mines of the gorge. This walk showcases some of the most interesting architectural heritage that Broseley has to offer.
1.5 miles involving steps, slopes and narrow paths; suitable for the family but not push chairs.

The Mounds

Wooded footpaths taking you past the unique Pennystone Iron mounds of Broseley, a reminder of the industrial heritage of this town.
1.5 miles mostly on footpaths, with some short stretches of paved road. Mostly flat and suitable for the family but not pushchairs.

Historic Broseley

A walk around the town of Broseley, taking in some of the town’s rich and varied architecture. See the impressive homes of iron masters as well as the more humble dwellings of their workers. The walk will include some of the statues made from iron salvaged from the decommissioned power station. Designed by Gerry Foxall, these sculptures reflect the rich mining and industrial heritage of Broseley, celebrating the town’s part in the Industrial Revolution.
A 2 mile ramble on pavements, with a few slopes and suitable for push chairs.

Broseley Green Walk

Discover former mining sites reclaimed by nature, now home to woodlands, wild flowers and varied wild life. Follow tracks that once carried coal, ironstone and clay to the bustling brick and tile works of the town, or were transported down the side of the gorge to Coalbrookdale and beyond.
Broseley was famous for its clay pipes and you can visit the pipe museum, preserved exactly as it was left, xx years ago.
Today Broseley is fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful countryside. This green walk is just under 3 miles and takes about 1.5 hours with benches along the way. Two optional extensions are included.

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